Why FinanceTraining.ca?

There is no shortcut to success. Our goal is to minimize the waste studies students do to grasp a concept e.g. going over the same stuff again and again or memorizing the concepts. Both first-time candidates and individuals repeating the exams for CFA Certification can significantly boost their preparation by adding this comprehensive prep-course to their study plan.

Unique Strategies

Our experts put more emphasis on what’s relevant for the exam. At the same time our experienced instructors will make sure you understand the concepts and apply those in your day-to-day life.


Exam questions for CFA certification, specially the ones for Level 1 CFA® exam, are increasingly focusing on concepts. So, memorizing won’t help anymore! Learn more about this trend from our top quality instructors. They will use real life examples to make sure you understand tough concepts so that you can beat any exam question with full confidence.

Personalized Attention

Personalized Attention

Our experts are available 24/7 to answer your questions and motivate you at every step. We are the only prep provider that provides personalized training to ensure an engaging learning environment. Personalized training makes sure that we understand the student well and modify the teaching method according to the student’s need.

Small Groups

Classes are very small and divided into small groups and students are made to work together after class so there is a peer pressure. From our experience, we found that peer pressure along with specialized training is the best combination for passing the exams for CFA certification.

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Level 1 CFA® Prep Course

  • Weekly Classes Program.
  • 36 hours lecture series focusing on core and challenging concepts in the Level 1 CFA® curriculum.
  • Condensed study book with key concepts and a lot of practice questions. 
  • The instructors will pinpoint the most common and difficult to understand topics.
  • 12 weekly classes with one midterm and one final mock exam; 3-hours per class during weekends.
  • Continuous motivation and support throughout the way as candidates prepare for the exam.
  • Access to the Level 1 CFA® exam blog where candidates talk about different topics and solve difficult questions.

Download the details and fees of the Prep Course Here.

**All payments for courses and materials are non-refundable and non-transferable.**

Download the Schedule for the Prep Course for Level 1 CFA Exam of June 2018.

Download the Schedule for the Prep Course for Level 1 CFA Exam of December 2017.

Download the Student Registration Form here.

Fill up the form and email it back to us at info@financetraining.ca. We will assess the form and send you another email with the payment info.

**All payments for courses and materials are non-refundable and non-transferable.**

Feel free to send an email to info@financetraining.ca or text/call at (778) 682-1FIN or (778) 682-1346 to discuss how we can help.

CFA® Prep Course Registration


We offer a 15-minutes free consultation in person, over phone or via text massages. In these 15 minutes, expert will go over how you should plan your studies, what topics are more important, and how FinanceTraining.ca can help you reach your goal. Feel free to send an email to info@financetraining.ca or call/text at (778) 682-1FIN or (778) 682-1346 to know how we can help.


Yvonne Chen

“FinanceTraining.ca helped me so much for my CFA Level I exam. My instructor, Emrul, was very patient and can explain the topics very clearly. Moreover, Emrul also taught us the strategy to tackle this long and exhausting exam. I really appreciate the help and definitely will use FinanceTraining.ca again for my future CFA exams”.

Yvonne Chen,
Senior Financial Analyst, Best Buy, Canada. (Passed Level 1 CFA exam in December 2016)
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Felia Purnawan

“I took the class at FinanceTraining.ca with Emrul on December 2016 for CFA Level 1, less than 4 weeks before the exam without much preparation thinking I was going to have to retake the exam. But after attending several sessions, I began to think that I have a chance in passing. The class highlighted the most important points that have a higher chance to be tested in the exam. Emrul’s approach as a lecturer was so straight forward and efficient that he will let you know which contents are worth our time to study for and which ones are not.”

Felia Purnawan,

Financial Advisor at Scotiabank, Canada. (Passed Level 1 CFA exam in December 2016)
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“I took the CFA Level I course with FinanceTraining.ca taught by Emrul just several weeks before the exam. I have to say he is one of the most intelligent instructors I’ve ever had. During the course, he summarized important concepts and gave us tips to memorize complicated formulas, which is much easier than simply memorizing. He also taught us strategies on efficiently allocating time on questions since time is a challenge for most students in CFA exams.”

Vivian Jiahui Tian, 
Staff Accountant, Staffords Accounting. (Passed Level 1 CFA exam in December 2016)
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