“Testimonials from Recent Level 1 CFA Students”

Yvonne Chen

Yvonne Chen,
Senior Financial Analyst, Best Buy, Canada. 

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“Emrul at FinanceTraining.ca helped me so much for my CFA Level I exam. He’s a very patient instructor and can explain the topics very clearly. Moreover, Emrul also taught us the strategy to tackle this long and exhausting exam. I really appreciate his help and definitely will use FinanceTraining.ca again for my future CFA exams”.



Felia Purnawan

Felia Purnawan,
Financial Advisor at Scotiabank, Canada. 

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“I took the class at FinanceTraining.ca with Emrul on December 2016 for CFA Level 1, less than 4 weeks before the exam without much preparation thinking I was going to have to retake the exam. But after attending several sessions, I began to think that I have a chance in passing. The class highlighted the most important points that have a higher chance to be tested in the exam. Emrul’s approach as a lecturer was so straight forward and efficient that he will let you know which contents are worth our time to study for and which ones are not. Based solely on his advice and materials that he claimed should be focused on, I studied efficiently and pour my time and energy on those topics and I passed level 1 on my first try. I really thought that if I didn’t attend Emrul’s class, I might have re-written level 1 last June instead of level 2.”



Vivian Jiahui Tian,
Staff Accountant, Staffords Accounting.  

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“I took the CFA Level I course with FinanceTraining.ca taught by Emrul just several weeks before the exam. I have to say he is one of the most intelligent instructors I’ve ever had. During the course, he summarized important concepts and gave us tips to memorize complicated formulas, which is much easier than simply memorizing. He also taught us strategies on efficiently allocating time on questions since time is a challenge for most students in CFA exams. Emrul is an experienced instructor for CFA. I am glad I took his class.”



Yingcong Lao,
Recent graduate from Beedie School of Business, SFU 

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“Don’t miss the chance to take CFA Level 1 prep course taught by Emrul at FinanceTraining.ca. Emrul is a knowledgeable, patient and experienced instructor who knows the main concepts and topics that might be highly testable. With his support, I could easily pass CFA Level 1 exam on December 3, 2016 and took CFA Level 2 exam the following June, which saved 1 year for me. So, it is worth to choose Emrul and FinanceTraining.ca.”



Yemima Elen Nugroho

Yemima Elen Nugroho,
Bachelor of Science and Business Administration Candidate, SFU. 

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“Deciding to take the CFA Level I course offered by FinanceTraining.ca, especially with Emrul as my instructor, has been one of my best decisions throughout my preparation for the exam. Because of his exposure as a faculty member of finance, economics and accounting at SFU and BCIT, Emrul understands really well the best way to coach his students in this preparation program. He pointed out important concepts that we might forgot to catch, was always available to answer questions, and never tired to support us throughout the process. As a result, I was able to understand the flow of the modules really well and able to pass my level 1 exam smoothly.”


joyJoy Peng,
Bachelor of Business Administration, SFU. 

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“After I failed my first attempt on the CFA Level I exam, I heard about the preparation course of Financetraining.ca. As the former student of Emrul, I believe in his teaching skills and knowledge experience. Emrul is an excellent professor and he connect the materials with our true life. He converted the boring stuff into something more tangible and realistic. The practice questions and mock exams he gave were quite helpful and really improved my understanding after he explained the hard questions. Not only in class, Emrul also answers our questions in his spare time. If you want to pass your Level I CFA exam on your first attempt, you should definitely sign up for this course.”

Lisa Shares Her Experience With FinanceTraining.CA.

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CPA®, CGA®, CMA® Testimonials

“I am a CGA student who was having difficulty with the Pace Level 1 (PA1) course. I had written the exam and did not receive a passing grade. So I decided to search for a trainer online and got in contact with FinanceTraining.ca. My trainer was very prompt and set up a date immediately for us to get started.

Within the first five minutes of our session I knew I had made the right choice. The trainer is very knowledgeable and understands a wide variety of topics. Furthermore, what makes his style of teaching unique is his instructions on exam writing techniques, which makes it so much easier to get your answer across efficiently and effectively (and during an exam this is crucial as you are always strap for time). My biggest flaw was that I knew the answer but didn’t know how to present it on the exam. His methods made it simple and they can be used across any field of study. They will help you stay focused during your exam, adding value to your hours of studying you did.

Overall I am very satisfied with his tutoring services and his dedication to helping others. I am happy to say I passed my PA1 exam and owe much of it to his knowledge, patience and techniques.

I would recommend FinanceTraining.ca to anybody who needs aid in their Finance/Accounting courses and overall exam writing technique.

Thank you again.”

-Shahram Rostamian

“I’m currently in the CMA Accelerated Program and I’ve had 3 sessions (6 hours) with the tutor from FinanceTraining.ca. He’s incredibly smart and can effortlessly teach anything/everything I bring him. He’s able to break concepts down so they are simple for me to understand and retain. We’re able to work through a lot of material in a short time and he keeps me engaged the entire session. I did really well on both exams he helped me prepare for. Definitely worth your time and money!” He’s incredibly smart and can effortlessly teach anything/everything I bring him. He’s able to break concepts down so they are simple for me to understand and retain. We’re able to work through a lot of material in a short time and he keeps me engaged the entire session. I did really well on both exams he helped me prepare for. Definitely worth your time and money!”


“Just writing to let you know I was successful on passing CGA FN2 exam and your course was a big part of my success in this tense course. Thank you.”


“Super friendly.  Super  knowledgeable.  Excellent attitude. Thoroughly explained concepts and challenging problems for FN2, CGA. Great for reviews and prep work for final exams.”

-Niva Leung, CGA student, Accountant, Marilyn’s Ent. Ltd.

“I have tried many tutors before FinanceTraining.ca and and there is not one that I build an immediate connection and have stayed in touch with. He takes the time to get to know you personally – about your life, schooling, career and future to get a better understanding of where you are coming from and how he can best help you get to where you want to go. He taught me corporate  finance, managerial accounting and basic accounting. Some of the things that I really liked about his teaching were that he took the time to explain things. Instead of just doing the question and coming up with the correct answer, he walked me through the process of why I needed to do something and the easiest way to do it.  He also used the technique of doing one question together and then let me do one question on my own to ensure I understood. If I did not quite get it, he would try another way of explaining the problem that was easier for me to comprehend and then I was able to do the problem and get the correct answer. I would definitely recommend him to others as I have seen how dedicated he is to his work and helping others to be successful.”

 -Lisa, Financial Assistant – also attended Royal Roads University


MBA Training Testimonials

“I am writing to provide my support and recommendation for the tutor from FinanceTraining.ca. Over the course of the last 18 months I have had the pleasure of receiving tutoring from him while I pursued a Masters of Business Administration degree at Royal Roads University. I have come to know him as a highly competent tutor who is able to take complex subject mater and present it in an easy to understand fashion so that you not only understand the material but can also apply it to real life situations. For example, my on the job performance has improved because I have been able to improve my business skills with his help. Furthermore, his teaching methods have helped me to achieve an 84% average in all of the courses that I sought his help with. These courses included, Accounting, Finance and Economics. What I liked best about him is that he is highly ethical, dependable, and cares about his students.

I have no hesitation recommending him for any teaching position. If you have the opportunity to be tutored by trainers from FinanceTraining.ca I hope your experience is as good as mine has been. I am very grateful that I had the good fortune of finding him when I really needed someone that could help me understand a lot of new material in a short period of time.”

-Paul Edget (Goldseal.ca)

“I thoroughly enjoyed my tutoring sessions with the tutor from FinanceTraining.ca and found him extremely helpful in my finance course. The first day of my course, my professor sent through a 180 page word document to study and know in one week along with homework – it was a condensed course. The finance teacher was also rated the hardest professor in our business department (University of Alabama Birmingham). I was extremely stressed the first week and was certain I was going to drop the course. My parents suggested I get a tutor instead. I got in contact with the tutor at FinanceTraining.ca and agree to meet. He was extremely flexible and available, even if we weren’t in session. Through phone call, text message, and email, he was available to help with quick questions that I had when reviewing the material we went over in our tutoring sessions. I ended up getting 87% on my midterm; the class average was 70%. And I ended up getting an A in the class. There is no way I could have received an A for my work in that class without his help. If you are looking for a tutor, I strongly suggest that you use FinanceTraining.ca as a resource.”

-Chase (Finance)

“As a Arts student with no formal background in economics (postsecondary or otherwise), I struggled to understand the concepts my macroeconomics lecturer tried to teach us. After less than satisfactory results on my first midterm, I knew I required additional assistance from a tutor to improve my grades: luckily, the tutor I ended up contacting was from FinanceTraining.ca. Showing a great deal of familiarity towards macroeconomics, he took a comprehensive approach in helping me understand my course material, yet was specific enough to highlight the more important concepts I needed to learn in order to succeed (which saved me much time). After a lot of work with him, I ended up with a B+ in my course (something I could not have done without him). If you are currently struggling with economics and would like to achieve maximal results in a minimal amount of time, FinanceTraining.ca can provide the right tutor for you.”


“Thanks to FinanceTraining.ca for helping me get through my MBA Corporate Finance Class! I actually hired them fairly last minute but was able to use the tutor’s method that helped me immensely to prepare and pass the final exam. Would recommend this tutor to others preparing for MBA and other finance related classes.

-Sue Parker


Corporate Training  Testimonials

“The trainers from FinanceTraining.ca know how to keep his patience and work efficiently with busy corporate people. I always consult the trainer for any big decisions I am making in my business. I had him as a tutor for CGA before and then we became good friends and his experience is invaluable for me. His suggestions always help me to make good business decisions. He saved me tons. Good luck bro!”

-Peter Bhatt

“FinanceTraining.ca is such an amazing teacher. The tutor teaches not only the knowledge, but also the logic, most importantly how to figure out the solutions. I was in need of some basic finance knowledge for the finance project I was undertaking with a government crown agency. I called FinanceTraining.ca and got the quote within short time. The trainer makes everything look so straightforward and explains the tricky concepts crystal clear. I definitely recommend the services especially to those people who are challenged by age like me where it’s hard to retain new things. FinanceTraining.ca made it so easy.”

-Shelly Gill

“We were very satisfied with the weekly finance classes that you delivered here at the firm for our employees. The classes were well organized, the learning resources and quick tips you provided were invaluable. Good luck!”

–Sheng Securities

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